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Name Community Type Completion Date Developer Starting Price (Sale) Starting Price (Rent)
Al Gurm Resort Al Gurm Villa May 2011
Aldar Properties
AED 15,500,000 AED 650,000 /Year

Al Gurm Resort

Al Gurm | Aldar Properties


6,000 sqft

Al Gurm Resort

Al Gurm

Types: VI

By Aldar Properties


  • Khalifa Bin Zayed Secondary School (1.08 km)
  • Vision Private School (1.20 km)
  • Al Manhal International Private School (1.05 km)
  • Al Nahda National School (1.89 km)
  • Al Rabeeh School (2.48 km)

  • Mushrif Mall (1.72 km)

  • Al Bateen Beach (2.95 km)

  • Lemongrass Thai Express Restaurant (1.69 km)
  • Le Terrace Restaurant & Cafe (1.66 km)
  • Cafe Blanc (4.41 km)
  • Peppermill Restaurant (4.39 km)
  • Flooka Restauarnt (4.42 km)

  • Clever Hands Nursery (0.93 km)
  • Kids Academy (1.35 km)
  • Bright Beginnings Nursery (1.52 km)
  • Les Fanfans Nursery (2.10 km)
  • Little Haven Nursery (3.28 km)

  • Magrabi Eye & Ear Center (0.65 km)
  • Imperial College London Diabetes Centre (2.31 km)
  • Al Mushrif Children's Specialty (1.67 km)
  • Zayed Military Hospital (2.50 km)
  • Beverly Hills Medical Center (4.75 km)

  • Loulou Asfar Hotel Apartment (2.18 km)
  • Anantara Eastern Mangroves Hotel (4.29 km)

  • Kneish Zneid Qubaisi mosque (0.80 km)
  • Jibril Mosque (2.11 km)
  • Ahmad bin Hadhir Al-Muraykhi Mosque (2.60 km)
  • Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Mosque (3.81 km)

  • Mushrif Clinic (1.65 km)
  • Corpofino Dermatology Clinic (3.08 km)
  • Future Medical Center (2.80 km)
  • British Neurology Psychiatry Center (4.46 km)

  • Capital Gate (2.95 km)
  • Abu Dhabi National Theater (4.17 km)
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Al Gurm greets its new owners of luxurious villas, developed by the Aldar, and described as one of the high-end residential and tourist destination in Abu Dhabi. It is located on the Arabian Gulf Road within Abu Dhabi Island and nestling among a mangrove forest.

In addition to 73 private luxury villas, Al Gurm also offers a five star resort consisting of 163 suites. Al Gurm complements the natural landscape. The area is home to many unique plants and bird species, making it one of the UAE top choices for elegant and tranquil living arrangements.

You can have glimpses of high-quality waterfront development within an outstanding eco-friendly environment with good access into the city while also providing residents with a hideaway from the day to day and bustling city life. There is a touch South East Asian flavour to the design and architecture, also the size and grandeur of the villas.

The villa floor plans provide large, open-plan living spaces to accentuate water and mangrove views, emphasize the merging of indoors and outdoors.

Al Gurm Resort and Spa features low-rise accommodation only so that neither wildlife nor natural floras are disturbed. It also includes a world class health and fitness club, spa and a number of premier boutiques.

5 bedrooms for sale in Al Gurm

5 bedrooms for sale in Al Gurm

Price Type Bedrooms Baths Parking View Size Reference Number Property Community

AED 24,000,000

Villa 5 7 3 Mangrove 21,402 Sqft VI39706 Al Gurm Resort Al Gurm

القرم يقع في أبوظبي

The projects in القرم :

Starting price for sale in القرم هو درهم إماراتي 15,500,000

Starting price for rent in القرم هو درهم إماراتي 650,000

المطورين في القرم هي

أنواع العقارات في القرم هي

  • Villa

تبدأ الأسعار في 5 bedroom للبيع في القرم درهم إماراتي 24,000,000

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