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Property in Khalifa Park, Abu Dhabi City, Abu Dhabi

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Name Community Type Completion Date Developer Starting Price (Sale) Starting Price (Rent)
Al Maqtaa Village Abu Dhabi City Villa
Flag Real Estate
- AED 85,000 /Year

Al Maqtaa Village

Abu Dhabi City | Flag Real Estate

2,313 sqft


Khalifa Park

Ever since its foundation in 2007, Khalifa Park is the most excellent attraction point for city escapists. The stress of a bustling city-life comes to the end of relaxation in the lap of nature at Khalifa Park. The fun-filled environment in the middle of the city gives an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. The Cultural Library of Khalifa Park offers you the greatest learning resources about Arabic culture. It has stores of books concerning Arabic living, history, and evolution. Besides, the Maritime Museum is another great attraction for sea and ocean wildlife lovers. The Maritime Museum is the one place that has complete entertainment and mental peacefulness for people of all age groups.


  • Al Mutanabi School (4.39 km)
  • Abu Mousa Ashaari Private School (4.14 km)
  • Baraem Al Ain Private School (4.74 km)

  • Universal Hospital-Baniyas Clinic (4.61 km)
  • Mafraq hospital (4.82 km)

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